Over head view of a man diving into a swimming pool, forming an arrow shape and leaving a trace behind him.

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one, single, alone, man, male, adult, sportsman, outdoors, exterior, swimming pool, pool, water, waves, reflections, shiny, glittering, sparkling, underwater, under water, under, swimming, diving, exercise, fitness, sport, jumping, holidays, vacations, trip, travel, summer, sunny, light, filtering, away, break, relaxing, invigorating, fun, shorts, swimwear, swimming costume, blue, body, shape, arrow, arrow shape, space, graphic, simple, transparent, transparency, clarity, clear, clean, hotel, home, spa, chrystal, inviting, inspiring, arms, figure, background, textures, submerged, free, freedom, natural, outstretched, care, well being, wellness, joy, enjoyment, concept, conceptual, distortions, distorted, full, back, wet, cooling, refreshing, fun, discovery, blue, turquoise, over head, overhead, over, head, above, fun, spontaneous, energy, expressive, dynamic, vivid, vibrant, splashing, splashes, drops, circles, waves, trace, shaken, disturbed, breaking, across, diagonal, spacious, pattern, direction, pointing, foam, tiles, squares, mosaic, trace

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